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The Culture & Mental Health Lab is currently comprised of graduate students in the combined Clinical, Counseling, School Psychology doctoral program at Utah State University and undergraduate students in the Psychology Department. Lab members are engaged in independent research in an interdependent context. Project content is in parenting, cultural values, microaggressions, and evidence-based interventions. Students are expected to be productive as a result of independent motivation and commitment, engaged mentoring, and proactive collaboration and support from a talented peer group as well as from family and loved ones.



Supporting Schools in PUerto RIco

On September 20th 2017, Hurricane María hit Puerto Rico a scant week after Hurricane Irma. A lack of access to electricity and water affected nearly all residents of the island. Work and school activities ceased for days, weeks, and even months. Some schools turned into safe havens for people whose homes were destroyed or seriously damaged. The first schools, 119 in total, reopened a month after María's landfall. By mid-November the number of schools reopened had increased to 771. School are still reopening, the last known one opened on December 20th, 2017. Schools were damaged and supplies were lost.

Many funds have been raised for "the people of Puerto Rico," however, it is unclear how individuals in need are being benefitted by those funds. In the mean time teachers are trying to carry on with teaching without much needed supplies and even electricity. Children in the schools we have selected often depend on the school lunch for their primary nourishment, especially in these times when electricity supply is inconsistent. 

The purpose of this effort is to facilitate donations for specific teachers in affected schools. Individuals interested in donating can learn a little about the school and teacher and can follow the link to their Amazon wishlist. Donors can select the amount that they can spend and have items shipped directly to the teacher or school requesting them. For tax purposes, individuals can print their receipts from Amazon directly.

Iglesia San Blás, Coamo.

Iglesia San Blás, Coamo.

Escuela Benigna I. Caratini

Located in barrio Palmarejo. Rural; 80% below poverty.

Elementary school (K-6) in Coamo, PR.

Baños de Coamo (hot springs), Coamo.

Baños de Coamo (hot springs), Coamo.

Esc. Eugenio Nazario Soto

Located in barrio Cuyón. Rural; 88% below poverty. 

Elementary school (K-8) in Coamo, PR.

Fishing on the coasts of Puerto Rico

Fishing on the coasts of Puerto Rico


Our team is working to identify new schools.

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