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2810 Old Main Hill
Logan UT 84322


The Culture & Mental Health Lab is currently comprised of graduate students in the combined Clinical, Counseling, School Psychology doctoral program at Utah State University and undergraduate students in the Psychology Department. Lab members are engaged in independent research in an interdependent context. Project content is in parenting, cultural values, microaggressions, and evidence-based interventions. Students are expected to be productive as a result of independent motivation and commitment, engaged mentoring, and proactive collaboration and support from a talented peer group as well as from family and loved ones.

Other Opportunities to Give

Here are other ways to "give" to Puerto Rico:

Operation AguaThe AFT’s Operation Agua provides water purification systems to Puerto Rican families and communities.

Universidad del Turabo: A message from the administration: "Hurricane María has been the most catastrophic storm in Puerto Rico in over 90 years. As of today, about 45% of the island remains without electricity, and 20% still without running water. Some of our students, staff, and faculty live in areas with none of these services as of today. The government cannot provide specific time frames as to when they will be able to reach those communities and restore services. Some officials estimate it will be months, and in a few rural areas perhaps a year or so, due to the mountainous terrain in the middle of the island, near the location of our university. As such, some students, staff, and faculty members are in need of acquiring power generators to provide electricity to their homes. One student lost her home and is living with relatives. The lack of power requires constant need of flashlights and batteries. Regarding running water, the need to constantly purchase bottled water is present. Some officials suggest boiling tap water before usage (however, no power to do so).  Please use the donation form for contributing to hurricane relief for the university’s students, staff, and faculty.